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Administrative Sciences Chair is an academic unit in the Political Sciences and Public Administration Department in the Ankara University, the Faculty of Political Sciences. The unit is responsible for both carrying out basic courses in the undergraduate programme and organizing and implementing two M.Sc. Programmes (with thesis and without thesis) and two Ph.D Programmes one of which is an integrated Ph.D. Programme (which starts with M.Sc. courses and ends with Ph.D. thesis)

Undergraduate courses aim to teach basic concepts and categories of public administration to the students through improving their formations on subject matter of the state as well as administrative philosophy, history and theory.

The Graduate Programme of Administrative Sciences was launched in 1993 and focused on the administrative facts and processes by drawing upon economics, public economics, law, political sciences and history. In this context, students take courses that improve their theoretical and field reseach specializations in bureaucracy, public administration system, regulatory agencies, theory and methodology, power, authority, human relations in administration.

These courses in the Administrative Sciences Programme are empowered by the courses like Municipal Administration and Theories of the State which are serviced by the two other graduate programmes of the Political Sciences and Public Administration Department. For more information please check the bottom of this page.


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